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The Sonoma Country Day School mission statement is "To bring learning to life." We focus on innovative approaches and programs that bring our mission and guiding principles to life: engaging children in creative ways, nurturing their integrity through relationships with their teachers, and awakening a desire to make a contribution through their learning to our school and our world. Learning comes alive when students and teachers engage together in exploration, discovery, and creation. Read on to learn more about specific examples across our grade levels and subject areas.

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  • Operation Abe: Bringing History To Life In the Classroom

    Operation Abe is an excellent example of the kind of cross-collaboration between departments that truly brings learning to life for our students. SCDS fifth grade students immersed themselves in the subject matter of the Civil War this year as a part of their United States history curriculum, beginning during their outdoor education experience on Angel Island and continuing in their humanities and math classes.
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  • Students Seek Out Challenging Mathematics at MATHCOUNTS

    Every year, SCDS students in grades six through eight participate in MATHCOUNTS, a national middle school mathematics coaching program and competition series. Students meet weekly for practice beginning in the fall to prepare for the competitions that begin in February.
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  • Our Guiding Principles In Action

    Our fall semester has seen our students bringing learning to life in so many new and exciting ways. Click to learn more about all the ways our guiding principles have been seen in action around campus, including our soon-to-be new playground, on-campus leadership opportunities, NaNoWriMo, creative collaboration between academic classes and the creative arts, and our annual harvest fair in support of the Redwood Empire Food Bank.
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  • Eighth Grade Design Challenge: Spaghetti Bridges

    The Spaghetti Bridge Challenge is commonly seen in college-level civil engineering classes and is used to teach students about the engineering design process: identify constraints, conduct research, develop possible solutions, and identify the most likely to succeed, then build, test, and redesign to achieve a desired result. SCDS eighth grade scientists took this challenge on as their first project of the 2016-17 year and in exploring their process, we find an excellent example of our guiding principles coming to life in the classroom.
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  • Imagination and Creativity Come Alive in The Idea Lab!

    What exactly constitutes creativity? What are its components? Why focus on developing creativity in students? What are the payoffs? Is creativity an innate characteristic, or can it be taught? And can it—or even should it—be assessed? These are questions that the SCDS faculty is currently looking at in relation to our youngest students in grades K-2.
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  • Coding, Robots, Community Service, and Theater

    The students at SCDS are constantly busy bringing learning to life in new and exciting ways. Learn more here about eighth graders coding their own video games, seventh graders engineering robots, third graders serving the community, our fall theatrical production, and our holiday concert.
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  • Community Learning: Off-Campus Trips, Imaginopolis, and Harvest Fair

    Learn more about how the students at Sonoma Country Day School participate in learning as a community through off-campus trips and school-wide events such as Imaginopolis and the Harvest Fair.
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  • The SCDS MakerSpace: A Musical Bench

    Inspired by the possibility inherent in our new MakerSpace, Sean Marshall and Tina Poles developed a hands-on circuits unit with the end project being a musical bench for the whole school to play and explore. The bench is a playful way to investigate electricity, conductivity, and capacitance, which is the ability of the body to store an electrical charge.
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  • Entrepreneur Fair, Minecraft In The Classroom, and More!

    Read about the SCDS Entrepreneur Fair, project-based learning with Minecraft, studying music using the scientific method, and the States of Matter Festival.
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  • The Imagination Club

    Can children make a difference in the world? Can Sonoma Country Day School help develop the creative genius in students? Can adults learn from the creative ideas of children? The answer to all of those questions is a resounding, “YES!”
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