440 Day School Place Santa Rosa, California 95403

Welcome to Our School

I invite you to discover the distinction that makes our school an extraordinary place of learning for children. When you select Sonoma Country Day School, you join a community bound by a mission of excellence, with families passionate about education, students fully engaged in their learning, and teachers committed to their practice as caring professionals. You truly invest in the present and the future of your child.

At our foundation is an exceptional, highly qualified faculty who balance high expectations for students with deeply caring about them as young people. Our teachers believe that their own learning and professional renewal enriches their classroom practice. Careful structuring of class and school size allows for every child to be known and valued, while affording a broad range of learning opportunities in academics, visual and performing arts, athletics, leadership, ethics, service, public speaking and outdoor education.

Our teachers create a rich academic program that presents challenge for all learners and promotes curiosity and joy in intellectual discovery. Advanced mathematical and scientific inquiry, world language study from the earliest grades, extensive opportunities for presentation and communication, and exploration of significant ideas in literature, history, philosophy, and world religions create learning opportunities unparalleled in elementary education.

An ethic of care, respect, and responsibility pervades our community. Children and adults alike practice caring for themselves, others, our community, and the natural world in which we live. They seek to understand and respect human differences and the complexity and interconnectedness of our world. We cultivate responsible, global-minded leadership for the future.

The SCDS distinction also involves parents being active partners in their child's education. We do not simply enroll a student; we enroll a family. Families' partnerships with our teachers, reinforcement of learning and development as a person at home, and full participation in the SCDS experience are critical to the success of every child and our school.

Since our founding in 1983 we have been changing our families' dinner table conversation. We pledge that your investment will reap dividends now and throughout your child's lifetime.

Brad Weaver
Head of School